Top 10 best quotes from “War and Peace”

“War and Peace” is a novel written by Leo Tolstoy and published in 1869. It is a historical novel that tells the story of Russian society during the Napoleonic Wars, and it explores themes of love, family, society, and war. The novel is considered a masterpiece of world literature and is widely regarded as one of the greatest novels ever written.

Here are 10 famous quotes from the book:

  • “…A young man needs nothing more than the company of smart women…” (Prince Vasily Kuragin)
  • “…Loving with human love, you can move from love to hatred; but Divine love cannot change. Nothing, not death, nothing can destroy it. It is the essence of the soul…” (Prince Andrei Bolkonsky)
  • “…Those aspirations that are expressed in an individual always increase in a crowd…” (author)
  • “…If everyone fought only according to their convictions, there would be no war…” (Andrei Bolkonsky)
  • “…Ah, if we didn’t have the consolation of religion, life would be very sad…” (Marya Bolkonskaya)
  • “…What is fair and unfair is not given to people to judge. People have always been mistaken and will continue to be mistaken, and in nothing more than in what they consider fair and unfair…” (Prince Andrei Bolkonsky)
  • “…I know in life only two real misfortunes: remorse and illness. And happiness is only the absence of these two evils…” (Andrei Bolkonsky)
  • “…the main means of getting people to obey is to not show them any doubt that they might disobey…” (author)
  • “… there is no stronger than those two warriors, patience and time; they will do everything…” (Kutuzov)
  • “…Our body is a machine for life. It is designed for this. Leave the life in it alone, let it defend itself, it will do more on its own than when you interfere with it with medications. Our body is like a clock that must tick time; the watchmaker cannot open them, and can only operate them by touch and blindfolded. Our body is a machine for life. That’s all…” (Napoleon)
  • A person cannot own anything while he is afraid of death. And whoever is not afraid of her, everything belongs to him…” (Bazdeev)

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