Top 10 Best Quotes about values ​​and wealth

Viktor Frankl said that “values cannot be conveyed, they cannot be pointed to, they cannot be taught – they must be experienced.” What is truly valuable and important to you? What are you putting your life into? How do you show your true values? You can, of course, drive away restless thoughts, persuade yourself that “everything is in order” and “this does not concern me”, hang in computer games, go to an unloved job, hope that everything will somehow work out by itself … It will not work out! There is only one chance to change the surrounding reality – to accept this challenge to yourself. Increase the value of your own life and your investments in it.

Here are the top 10 quotes about values ​​and wealth:

  • When you love, you discover such wealth in yourself, so much tenderness, and affection, you can’t even believe that you can do that. A. Chekhov
  • Life gets its wealth from the world, but love gives value to life. R. Tagore
  • Health is the wealth of the body. Abu Darda
  • Life is an opportunity to exchange the wealth of opportunities of youth for the wealth of the soul in old age. T. Babayan
  • Shades of beauty are infinitely different – this is the wealth of the world. I. Efremov “The Hour of the Bull”
  • I can do so much that I can’t even admit the thought of my own death. It would be too ridiculous. You can’t squander wealth. S. Dali
  • We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge; quantity is being confused with abundance and wealth with happiness. We are monkeys with money and guns. T. Waits
  •  You cannot leave spiritual wealth as a legacy – you will have to spend it on trifles. Avessalom Podvodny
  • Wealth begins with a thought. A. Noram
  • Optimism is the wealth of the great. L. Aragon

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