Top 10 Best Ukrainian proverbs

Ukraine is a country that is well known to everyone in the world. If earlier Ukraine was associated with borscht, dumplings, and vodka, today it is associated with the war. The history of Ukraine is full of many different events – and this is reflected in proverbs. Proverbs in the Ukrainian language, as well as in other languages, are the creation of a people, a manifestation of their wisdom and linguistic flair. Real Ukrainian proverbs combine a deep meaning with a very simple but figurative form, which is why they are so easy to remember.

         Here are some of the best wise Ukrainian proverbs:

  • Half the world jumps from fat – and half cries from poverty.
  • Do not touch the disaster while it is quiet.
  • The law is with the master, like a bridle: where he directs, there he went.
  • The hands are white, and the conscience is black.
  • The powerful and rich are rarely to blame.
  • Strength is inferior to reason.
  • Where force reigns, truth is silent.
  • Why stupid? Because of the poor!.. And why the poor? Because they are stupid!
  • There is no peace behind a stupid head and legs.
  • There would be health – everything else will be earned.

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