Top 10 Best Goldie Hawn Quotes

Goldie Hawn is a sunny girl at 76 years old. She long ago abandoned her acting and producing career, but does not suffer from it. She talks about herself that she was born to be happy, and that she tends to seek the sun.

Top 10  best quotes from Goldie Hawn :

  • If we cultivate compassion for those who have hurt us, we have the possibility of overcoming our anger,pain, and fear. compassion is a great medicine.
  • What helps with aging is serious cognition – thinking and understanding. You have to truly grasp that everybody ages. Everybody dies. There is no turning back the clock. So the question in life becomes: What are you going to do while you’re here?
  • We need to habituate better thinking to appreciate more of your day because that has a neurological correlate.
  • If you have a sense of yourself, your mission, your belief system, those things will lead you to success.
  • There are three words I like to repeat to myself: glass half full. Just to remind myself to be grateful for everything I have.
  • If we can just let go and trust that things will work out they way they’re supposed to, without trying to control the outcome, then we can begin to enjoy the moment more fully. The joy of the freedom it brings becomes more pleasurable than the experience itself.
  • Before you go to bed, think of three things that went well today. I don’t care if it’s a little crazy thing – it doesn’t matter…Take some music you love and if you can’t dance, go do 10 minutes of jumping jacks. Get yourself all cheered up.
  • Stress is something that’s created in the mind, basically. It’s how we look at things. So ovr greatest defense against stress is the ability to change ovr minds; to change ovr thinking.
  • Once you laugh at you own weaknesses, you can move forward. Comedy breaks down walls. It opens up people. If you’re good, you can fill up those openings with something positive. Mabye…….. combat some the ugliness in the world.
  • The beauty of getting older is the surprise of what else you can do to make the world a better place with the wisdom that you’ve accrued over those years.”

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