Top 10 Best Quotes on The Power of Choice

The choice is one of the main components of a person’s life, which arises from the first seconds of a child’s birth. It would seem that the ability to make a choice should also be innate. Throughout life, we choose something, but how often is the choice truly yours? It is important to learn to feel and choose your own, stop being someone and reunite with yourself.

              Here are 10 best quotes on the power of choice:

  • “These two words contain all the happiness available to man: “The choice has been made.” There is no other happiness.”   Henry Lyon Oldi
  • “Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice.” Ayn Rand
  • Each of us chooses for himself – to develop or stay at the same level, live honestly or lie to ourselves and others, believe it or not. Freedom of choice is inherent in human nature, and even God cannot take it away. What our life will be like depends only on our conscious daily choice.” Unknown
  • “It ain’t the roads we take; it’s what’s inside of us that makes us turn out the way we do.” O.Henry
  • “You can make the right choice only when you hear yourself, true, not counting those around you and your life experience.” Unknown
  • Do we have free will, or is the universe predetermined? And are we merely choosing what we were destined to choose?” Kabbalah
  • “On the path of attaining wisdom, one should not be afraid that you will turn the wrong way.” Paulo Coelho
  • “We are used to making physical efforts to achieve results. But going through life in a state of your true choice is a manifestation of the will of a different quality. Coordination of thoughts, feelings, actions gives a very fine-tuning of life, freeing it from any unnecessary background of insufficiency, doubt, dissatisfaction, and double truth.” Unknown
  •  “Do you call yourself Free? It is your ruling thought that I would hear, and not that you have escaped from a yoke.” Friedrich Nietzsche
  • “The modern world gives a person a wide choice of development paths. Among the piles of glass, he will have to recognize the precious stone and make an effort to start moving towards the light. If a person does not hear himself and does not follow the call of his heart, he can be deceived and follow the pseudo-teachers.” Unknown

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