Top 10 best quotes about Black Friday

Black Friday, often considered the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, is a day known for its incredible discounts, massive crowds, and a shopping frenzy that sweeps across the United States and many other parts of the world. This shopping holiday typically falls on the day after Thanksgiving, and it has become a global phenomenon. What started as a single day of sales has now evolved into an entire weekend of shopping, with Cyber Monday following closely.

Here are 10 quotes that capture the spirit of Black Friday:

  • “Isn’t it a little racist to call it Black Friday?” – Joy Behar
  • “Make sure the clothes you buy on Black Friday take into account how fat you are for Thanksgiving.” – Unknown
  • “I hope your Black Friday injuries aren’t so bad that you can’t click on Cyber Monday.” – Unknown
  • “Don’t even FRONT like you love your family, America, or God, if you don’t have a DETAILED & REHEARSED Black Friday tactical shopping plan.”- Rob Delaney
  • “Black Friday is the day when the American people devote themselves to their culture of mass consumerism.” – Unknown
  • “Black Friday is the Super Bowl of shopping.” – Uknown
  • “Black Friday is not another bad hair day in Wall Street. It’s the term used by American retailers to describe the day after the Thanksgiving Holiday, seen as the semi-official start of Christmas shopping season.” – Evan Davis
  • “Black Friday: because only in America, people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.” – Unknown
  • “May your Black Friday be ever in your favor.” – Uknown
  • “Black Friday is like the purge, but for capitalism.” – Uknown

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