Top 10 Best Quotes from The Little Prince

The author of The Little Prince is the French writer and professional pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The real romantic Antoine Exupery wanted people to hear each other, trust their hearts and not rush to become adults. The Little Prince is a fairy tale about a pilot and a little prince from another planet that has never ceased to please readers since the first publication. It is considered the most read and translated book in French. There are many quotes in the fairy tale, which later became famous.

Here are the top 10 of them:

  • ┬áIt is much more difficult to judge yourself than others. If you can judge yourself correctly, then you are truly wise.
  • It is very sad when friends are forgotten. Not everyone had a friend.
  • You live in your actions, not in your body. You are your actions, and there is no other you.
  • There is such a firm rule: got up in the morning, washed, put myself in order – and immediately put your planet in order.
  • You are forever responsible for everyone you tamed.
  • When you let yourself be tamed, then it happens and cry.
  • People climb onto fast trains, but they themselves do not understand what they are looking for, so they do not know rest, rush to one side, and then to another … And all in vain. The eyes are blind. You have to search with your heart.
  • When it gets very sad, it’s good to watch the sun go down.
  • Children must be very forgiving with adults.
  • If you love a flower – the only one that is no longer on any of the many millions of stars – this is enough: you look at the sky – and you are happy.

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