Top 10 Best Quotes about gratitude

Amazingly, our feelings of happiness and joy are directly related to feelings of gratitude. The vibrations of gratitude are too strong for destructive emotions. All problems are solved easily and most unexpectedly when we select the key of gratitude for them. The secret is in the flow of heat that we allow our hearts to release outside. Gratitude is a natural converter and accelerator of life processes. And when the habit of giving thanks for every little thing arises, we are surprised to realize that there are no little things.

Here are 10 quotes about gratitude:

  • Feel grateful to the person who allowed you to share something with them. Not otherwise. Not the other way around! Don’t think deep down in your heart that he should be grateful because you have shared something with him. No – feel grateful for the fact that when you came to share yourself with him, he did not reject your gift … After all, he could have refused. Osho

  • God was created not to ask for anything from him, but to thank him for everything.  Vladimir Ghazaryan

  • Gratitude is unconditional love. And this is the power that works wonders. Unknown

  • Even on the most exhausting days I never lose sight of gratitude. Jared Leto

  • Gratitude is one of the most important conditions for the body.  Unknown

  • The right of the one who has done good to forget about the good done. It is the duty of one warmed by good to remember this. The world collapses where this connection is broken, where the one who has done good is importunately remembered, and the one warmed by good falls into unconsciousness. Fazil Iskander
  • Gratitude always makes us happier.  Unknown

  • We are writing our creation of life in order to fill this book with joy, notice the best moments, just learn to be grateful. Anna Ostrovskaya

  • Thank God for all that unnecessary that you asked, but he did not implement. Vladimir Ghazaryan

  • When we live with gratitude, there is a state of lightness. Unknown

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